Nathan Pellegra - Elder

Nathan lived much of his early teenage years thinking his eternal destiny was secured in heaven. After facing the gripping truth that "a good tree bears good fruit" he realized he did not have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. It was in college that the Holy Spirit revealed the depth of Nathan's sin and he fully trusted in the atoning work of Christ for his salvation from the condemnation of God. Upon receiving new life in Christ, he began growing in his understanding of the Scriptures and he faithfully served his church body. This led to a desire to further his education in seminary and serve the church in gospel ministry. He earned his Masters of Divinity degree at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and he finds his greatest joys in preaching God's word to the people that have been entrusted to his care.

Before his responsibility as Pastor, Nathan strives to lead his wife and children in a biblical way. He is married to his incredible wife Amy and they are graciously blessed with five children: Molly, Grace Ann, Lily, Peter and Mila.

Adam Johnson - Elder

Adam was born and raised in the Bartlett area. At an early age, Adam’s eyes were opened to his sinfulness and the holiness of the God. He came to know Jesus as His Lord and Savior through the work of the Holy Spirit in his life.

He has been leading worship since the ninth grade and is thankful for the opportunity to serve the church. Adam graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Memphis and a Master of Divinity from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.

Adam is married to his lovely wife Shawna and they have a sweet baby girl named Knox. Their family also serves the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home as relief house parents at the Double B Boy’s Ranch in Millington. Adam also serves as a caseworker there

Stuart Gray - Elder

I grew up in a small town in Northwest Tennessee and attended church there with my family every time the doors were open. There was one problem, the message I heard about the gospel was full of legalism. So after trying to meet an unattainable goal for several years, I just turned my back on religion. Deep down I knew that was wrong but it wasn't until our first child was born and Dottie, my wife, was born again that I really began to question were I stood in my relationship to God. It took five years but by God's grace he opened my eyes to my lost state and my need to repent and surrender my life to him. This was the beginning of a whole new life that is a testimony to his amazing grace. I would have never in my wildest dreams have thought that he would take me and use me to do his will but he does use the weak things to show his power in salvation. At the present time I find my Lord using me to serve as a lay elder at Redemption Community Church helping with teaching, administration and discipleship training and evangelism. It is truly an honor and a privilege for Dottie and me to be allowed to serve the body of Christ at Redemption Community Church.  

David Wagner - Lay Elder

I have been happily married since July 23, 2005 to my high school sweetheart, Erica. The Lord has blessed us with four children: Hale, Camille, and Truman. I was blessed enough to grow up in a home where my mother valued church and knew that it was important that I be raised under the teaching of the Bible. I accepted the Lord Jesus as a young child and continued in church my whole life. My father was saved when I was a teenager from the gospel testimony of my mother and effectual call of our Lord. After high school, I went into the military. There I found myself as one of the few that went to church every week. This set off a burden that I would not discover until after I had done my time in the military and was back home in Tennessee working a secular job. After about 18 months of being out of the military and working my secular job, I lost my job in a company acquisition, which brought great stress into my life, but the Lord provided for my family. I worked wherever I could find a place to make enough to provide for my family, and then the Lord provided a great job. I was hired and was making more than enough money to provide for my family, but I was still not happy with this job. My pastor invited me to join with him in attending the Shepherd’s Conference that John MacArthur hosts. This conference was designed to uplift pastors and encourage them to press on and preach the word. Shortly after that conference, I sought counsel from my pastor and other godly influences in my life because I knew that the Lord was working on my heart. After long times spent in prayer and prayer with my wife, I knew that the Lord was calling my family and me into full-time ministry. I quit that job, and the Lord provided me with my current position as the maintenance person at a local church in order for me to attend seminary. I completed my Masters of Arts in Church Ministries at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. My family and I are excited that the Lord has placed us at Redemption Community Church and it is truly an honor to serve alongside this fellowship of believers.